How do I Get The AppIcons To appear when exporting in IOS

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  • Hey Guys!

    I'd really appreciate if someone could explain for me how i manage to get the Icons to work when exporting my Project to IOS.

    I've tried Everything but nothing seems to be working.

    I've swopped the construct 3 Icons to my Icons, Everything is in the folder as it suppose to, i've exported the Project to a zip file,

    i've then opened the Project in notepad++, and Everything seems to be fine with the coding.

    i then build the app through phonegap which also works fine, i then download the iap file.

    i run the iap file through Xcode to try it out on my phone but my Icons are not showing up , instead there's a Cordova Icon.

    do you guys understand?

    where have i gone wrong?

    please some help.

    i've tried Everything i can Think of for the last 3 Days, nothng works.

    i also tried to use phonegaps precoded Icon tutorial,

    i opend the Project in notepad++ I changed the Icon "src" to my "src" but still it doesn't seem to pic up the coding.

    I've also tried the splash screen tutorial but nothing works folks.

    I just wonder what and how is the most simple way to get my Icons and splash screens to work properly when building my Projects in IOS and Android

    please some help!

    thanks alot

  • Having a similar problem with Android.

    Compiling my builds using C3 and getting the default Android icon on the Play Store. Which of course means I can't exactly publish them.

    Seems that a compiled app can't be edited by Android Studio (from what I've discovered importing them as a Project) and that leaves me with no way to put the custom icons in the apk for release.

    Anything I am missing? I can build my apps just fine. Compile, align and sign them. I've even got them on the Play Store but without the icon they should have.


  • Okay, I figured it out for Android. It isn't exactly easy (you have to compile with Android Studio and make some tweaks to how that normally works), but it for sure works.

    *Export as an Android Studio Project.

    *Make sure you have Android Studio installed and running Gradle in the latest version per this Android Developer update.

    *Import your project into Android Studio.

    *Edit the build.gradle file for your project to insert the code below beneath "dependencies" after marking out the "library modules" section. This is done to prevent errors when compiling your apk since you will now have to use Android Studio to align, sign and compile. Then sync project.

    implementation project(':CordovaLib')[/code:2jie87zv]
    *Now go to your config.xml file (/res/xml/) and add this line in the appropriate spot to prevent a time-out during emulation for testing. Then sync project. [code:2jie87zv]<preference name="loadUrlTimeoutValue" value="700000" />[/code:2jie87zv]
    *Now for the actual app icon- in Android Studio right click the "res" folder in your project (must be in Android view) and go to New --> Image Asset. 
    *C3 seems to call the app icon "icon" so you'll want to change the image asset name to "icon" and then simply import a 512x512 png file and save it.
    To complete the build in Android Studio you'll have to have a keystore and everything, but if you've gotten to this point you probably already know what to do from here. Just make sure to select V1 [b]&[/b] V2 for the Signature Versions to have an aligned and signed apk that is ready for upload.
    I've tested the above and it worked perfectly for me (after hours of playing around with things to get to this point since I've always avoided Android Studio). Hopefully it works for some other folks out there.
  • I know this is old, but for others with the same issue on iOS:

    1. In the Xcode files, find the folder Images.xcassets . This holds the Icons and Splash screen images.

    2. Go to and build the splash screen images all in one go (plain black image is fine for some)

    3. Go to to build all Icon sizes in one go

    4. Copy over the images in the relevant folders inside of the Images.xcassets folder

  • Took me a while to figure this out but...

    Go here and resize/download all your icons:

    Then import them into your project.

    Then, once you export - go into your config.xml and change...

    	<icon src="www/icons/icon-512.png" width="512" height="512" density="xxxhdpi" />
    	<icon src="www/icons/icon-256.png" width="256" height="256" />
    	<icon src="www/icons/icon-128.png" width="128" height="128" density="xhdpi" />
    	<icon src="www/icons/icon-64.png" width="64" height="64" density="mdpi" />
    	<icon src="www/icons/icon-32.png" width="32" height="32" />
    	<icon src="www/icons/icon-16.png" width="16" height="16" />
    [code:2la2uxih]    <icon src="www/icons/appicon24x24@2x.png" width="48" height="48" />
        <icon src="www/icons/appicon27.5x27.5@2x.png" width="55" height="55" />
        <icon src="www/icons/appicon29x29@2x.png" width="58" height="58" />
        <icon src="www/icons/appicon29x29@3x.png" width="87" height="87" />
        <icon src="www/icons/appicon40x40@2x.png" width="80" height="80" />
        <icon src="www/icons/appicon44x44@2x.png" width="88" height="88" />
        <icon src="www/icons/appicon86x86@2x.png" width="172" height="172" />
        <icon src="www/icons/appicon98x98@2x.png" width="196" height="196" />
        <icon src="www/icons/googleplaystore.png" width="512" height="512" />
        <icon src="www/icons/hdpi.png" width="72" height="72" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-16.png" width="16" height="16" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-32.png" width="32" height="32" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-60@2x.png" width="120" height="120" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-60@3x.png" width="180" height="180" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-64.png" width="64" height="64" density="mdpi" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-72.png" width="72" height="72" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-72@2x.png" width="144" height="144" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-76.png" width="76" height="76" density="hdpi" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-76@2x.png" width="152" height="152" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-83.5@2x.png" width="167" height="167" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-128.png" width="128" height="128" density="xhdpi" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-256.png" width="256" height="256" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-512.png" width="512" height="512" density="xxxhdpi" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-notification.png" width="20" height="20" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-notification@3x.png" width="60" height="60" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small-40.png" width="40" height="40" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small-40@2x.png" width="80" height="80" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small-40@3x.png" width="120" height="120" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small-50.png" width="50" height="50" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small-50@2x.png" width="100" height="100" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small.png" width="29" height="29" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small@2x.png" width="58" height="58" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon-small@3x.png" width="87" height="87" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon.png" width="57" height="57" />
        <icon src="www/icons/icon@2x.png" width="114" height="114" />
        <icon src="www/icons/itunesartwork.png" width="512" height="512" />
        <icon src="www/icons/itunesartwork@2x.png" width="1024" height="1024" />
        <icon src="www/icons/ldpi.png" width="36" height="36" />
        <icon src="www/icons/loading-logo.png" width="64" height="64" />
        <icon src="www/icons/mdpi.png" width="48" height="48" />
        <icon src="www/icons/xhdpi.png" width="96" height="96" />
        <icon src="www/icons/xxhdpi.png" width="144" height="144" />
        <icon src="www/icons/xxxhdpi.png" width="192" height="192" />[/code:2la2uxih] Construct doesn't put all the required icon sizes into Config.xml
    Hope this helps.
  • Are all those sizes really necessary? If so, lets ask them to add them in for us (don't like having to edit config.xml for each export)

  • With a recent update to Android Studio it is a lot easier to add the app icon. Ignore all the above steps and follow just the ones below. As long as you don't delete the project folder between builds you won't even have to re-upload the image, just save it again and it'll automatically pull the correct image assuming you haven't moved it.

    *Now for the actual app icon- in Android Studio right click the "res" folder in your project (must be in Android view) and go to New --> Image Asset.

    *C3 seems to call the app icon "icon" so you'll want to change the image asset name to "icon" and then simply import a 512x512 png file and save it.

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  • Are all those sizes really necessary? If so, lets ask them to add them in for us (don't like having to edit config.xml for each export)

    Yup. They’re all the iOS and Android icon sizes across most if not all different resolution devices.

    When first using Construct and using just the original icon sizes in the config.xml I wasn’t getting an icon appearing on my iPhone 6s+ and only a low-red icon on my iPad - now using the new sizes I get crisp clean icons across all my devices.

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