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  • Hello! I am currently developing a game made primarily for desktop. As I'm planning to make the game free-to-play, I am currently searching for a solution to implement In-App Purchases for my game.

    Currently, the only IAP solution within Construct 3 is the mobile IAP plugin, which as the name suggests, is for mobile. The Windows Store object & export option is also deprecated, which IIRC had an IAP function.

    Since desktop games aren't fixed to a single storefront like Android or iOS, desktop games can be published to basically any store, therefore the need of a third-party IAP service is more than likely needed.

    Is there any way I could implement IAP to my desktop game, or is it only possible for mobile? Are there any third party solutions and/or add-ons that could help me achieve this? Thanks!

  • I am looking for a way to monetize browser games as well,

    a way that doesn't require ads.

    IAP would be a solution, did you ever find a good third-party IAP service provider, or maybe an entirely different solution?

  • may be its help full

    3rd Party IAP - Many Choices , Ex. Razor Or Paypal Payment Services Or More Payment services like Shopping websites.

    Or publish to steam and use steam services

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  • Can you go into more detail how you used PayPal or similar to do IAP in Browser games?

    Obviously I know about Steam, but I'm specifically looking for browser game monetization, like directly in the browser not just browser game as the underlying technology.

    Shopping website builder is an interesting idea, do you have any experience with some that would provide something similar to IAP, do they have APIs that you could hock into with Construct?

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