APK expansion files (I really need help)

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  • Hi guys, I'm working on a high-dimensional project for a long time, size 900mb and have a lot of video (mp4 files). I'm using Construct 3 and I'm exceeding the Google Play 100mb limit. I found a tutorial about the Apk expansion file, but I could not understand it. Is there a helpful tutorial? I can not find a topic in forum. Can somebody can help me/us? I would be very pleased if you spare your time. This is really a big problem, when I first started doing this (developing a app/game), I had a lot of difficulty, but I can not overcome it and I really need help. I implemented my practice as a Cordova Project and builded it with cordova CLI. I signed with Cordova CLI, but now I'm stuck... Help me guys, pls.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

    I found this:


    It would be great for anyone to get a tutorial video about this.

    I'm sorry for my terrible english.

  • I can pay for a video tutorial, I really need it, hope somebody helps.

    Best regards.

  • Hey zenox98 and Kyatric, sorry I bother you, do you know anything about it? Most users are limited due to this situation, can you give us information? We need a tutorial about this, can you help us? This problem is probably the problem of many people. No one did not found an answer in the forum, I want you to enlighten us. I visited the whole forum, I could not find anything. I found something but most of them go to dead ends. Would you give us a video tutorial? a lot of developers are frustrated about this problem (apk expansion files). A video tutorial can fix this problem.

  • I'm still waiting for a response to that, somebody should know that. Is there a tutorial video for Android Studio or for the Cordova CLI? Could somebody take a video about APK EXPANSION FILES? Android Studio or Cordova CLI, it is not important, only I need a tutorial video

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  • Somebody can help me?

  • Everybody hello, I have to revive this article because I still have not found an answer to this question.


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