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  • Exported as Debug APK. Downloaded, installed just fine. Open the app and the black screen with loading bar comes up. When its done loading it closes the app, and brings me back to my phones file manager (which I assume it goes there because thats the last page I was one before I opened the app).

    Any ideas why?

    App is 166 MB Compressed

    App is 208 Uncompressed

    No Minify Script Used

    Framework: Cordova

    Events: 347

    I do have a lot of sprites in the app, but not a huge amount are loading on the main page...Ive been apple to open apps from Construct that had way way more sprites/animations before.

    Things I have tried:

    Disabling every line of code in the game (didnt work, still closes after loading screen)

    Deleted a huge chunk of image files and re-exported with all code disabled. (didnt work, still closes after loading screen)

  • please, provide more details such as

    • Build framework using ? <cordova cli, cocoon or phonegap or etc>
    • Code event usage? <effect particles, loop, or mismatch condition/action>
  • It is Cordova and just used the APK construct gave me, no cocoon or phonegap or anything.

    but am not sure what the second part you are asking about. There is a minor particle effect for a blood squirt that lasts a couple of seconds and then destroys, collisions for bullets hitting sprites when sprites shoot, bullets destroy when collision. No physics used at all. Its in essence a tower defense game.

    I would upload the project, but there is a lot of money into this game assets wise that I do not feel comfortable just handing out

  • try to compress the image size with tools such as tinypng or compresspng so that the APK is not heavy while loading.

    maybe, you can share the contents of config.xml

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  • Trying to use cocoon to see if its better after compiling it there, but I keep getting compile errors like the following.


    [2018-05-17 21:39:10.386] [DEBUG] AndroidBuilder - [prepare] cordova restore platforms

    [2018-05-17 21:39:10.400] [DEBUG] AndroidBuilder - [prepare] adding engine androidhcc@6.2.3

    Subproject Path: CordovaLib

    Subproject Path: CordovaLib

    Subproject Path: CordovaLib

    [2018-05-17 21:39:21.705] [DEBUG] AndroidBuilder - undefined

  • Yeah I can't get this sorted. What a bummer.

  • Is there like a log file somewhere? Maybe just knowing why it crashed would be helpful instead of just guessing. This game isn't that big...doesnt use much of anything demanding.

    Also side note, it wont export for Windows it gives error there as well. Never had issues with Construct 2, should have never switched :/

  • I have also tried removing most animations from loading on the screen, then exporting/compiling a Debug APK, but it still does it. I went through the code and its nothing special, no crazy loops or anything.

    Anyone have any other ideas? I am really struggling.

  • place your exported file into drive and share the link at here, it will help guest to reply your post.

  • The exported APK?

    Also note. I exported it for Android Studio. Debug/Ran it in there, it did the same thing and gave an audio error of sorts. So I removed the single sound file I had in there. Exported and ran again. No audio error this time, and no other errors. It just disconnects/closes the app without any errors at all. Will still load almost all the way, and then just closes.

  • place your exported file into drive and share the link at here, it will help guest to reply your post.

    sent a PM.

  • Another update.

    I have compressed every image at tinypng, and replaced the images in my project folder. Tried once again to run/debug the program yet it still closes without error.

  • Another Update: I disabled every single line of code in my game. Tried exporting and running an APK and it still closes after the loading screen. I am starting to think its a problem with Construct 3, not my game.

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