Anyway to add Paypal to a game?

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  • Anyway to add Paypal to a game easily? I tried to look it up, but received old posts with broken links.

    I am making a game for Android that will eventually be exported to my website. I am unable to add it to my website now, because of limited website performance. I don't know if it is against Android ToS or not. I will check when the time comes to implement it.

    I am not using it so users can buy things. I don't have a server to do that anyway. I will be using it for donations.

    Rarely users will be able donate to me to help get hardware or software for improvements to the games or websites.

    Mostly I would have a charity listed or NPC in my game that would allow users to donate directly to the selected charity.

    I will always be clear on how the process works to the users. I will be sure to give them a Paypal receipt and a notice if they can write off the donation or not. I understand if there isn't a way because it would be easy to abuse it.

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  • you don't need a server to integrate paypal purchases/donations, you need a paypal button that you can setup in the paypal, then use browser object or ajax to get the response the user bought or paid for something then save that data on cloud somewhere ... excell from google is a good alternative if you can't get a free hosting somewhere to keep a database online.

    try look at Construct 2 tutorial section for more information on how ajax or paypal setup works with Construct.

    i remember on construct 2 there was a paypal plugin not sure if is available for C3 though.

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