Does anyone have a template like this (Fantasy Card Game) in C3?

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  • Hello everyone,

    haven´t been around for a long time, but finally I´m interested in game development again. :-) Once you lick the blood you always get pulled back :-D

    I was thinking about creating a card game in my mind for quite some time now and found this awesome looking template to start from:

    The only thing that holds me back from an instant buy is that it is for C2 and I´m not sure weather it is really clever to start something which requires some work and may end up in something semi-professional maybe... :-D in this old not supported software.

    Any ideas if there is something similar to start from in C3? Checked the Scirra store, but there seem to be no templates to buy from.

    Does it make sense to build it in C2?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Stay healthy!


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  • Looks like it is a capx with no plugin use so you can buy it and import it to C3, you would make it in the same way in C3. Also it looks like the creator is still around on these forums, you can make a post on the original thread from 5 years ago to ask him for sure before you buy.

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