Anyone remember Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road?

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  • At the risk of showing my age... does anyone remember Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road?

    I was thinking of making a racing game and wondered if Construct could manage something like this...

    You can play it here:

    What's unique about it.. is that presumably it's a 2D game given the era.

    Could Construct replicate this... or even handle it in 3d?

    Would be very interested in hearing any thoughts.


  • Looks doable. Visually it’s just sprites with some zsorting.

    Motion wise I’d go with doing it from a top view and just updating the isometric view from that. The most novel part being the variable height terrain. You may be able to use existing motion behaviors but I’d go with doing it in events to give more control.

    I expect a lot of it was actually pretty simple, and instead was just clever use of animations.

  • Yeah it looks like you could achieve the car over terrain animations with something like.

    Is car overlapping (terrain type)

    Sub Event - Car animation Frame = one of the animation frames

    Sub Sub Event - Car.Y < terrain.Y: Set animation frame to ?, Car.Y > terrain.Y: Set animation frame to ?

  • This is by far my favourite game of all times... yep, the age... lol

    This game is the reason I got not one, but two arcade cabinets in my house, and my wife almost hating me... One of the cabinets is home made, and every single piece was cut in the living room, imagine the rest.

    Anyway, Would love to play your game someday!! I am sorry I can´t help you as rojohound did.

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  • Thanks for the advice and the encouragement... I shall be having a look at replicating something similar, but it looks very complicated!

    I didn't give them enough credit for just how many sprites were used in the production of it... it's very impressive!

    If anyone has any further advice i'd be very happy to hear it.

  • here is the full sprite sheet from the (Genesis version of the) game:

    When you are drawing your own sprites, i hope you draw some cool cheering babes as well!

  • Wow i'm not sure how I didnt come across those...

    That just re-iterates my point about how many sprites were used... very impressive!

    I'm determined to get something up and running, but this is probably beyond my skillset at the moment so I shall learn and build as I go...

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