Anyone else that have these problems with Construct 3?

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  • I made a Game in Construct 3 but it have some errors that I don't know why they are there. Sometimes you fall out off the screen the player does not interacte with the platforms or even with other solid objects or something that should kill the player! But this happens randomly, sometimes it works the player don't fall out off the screen everything works fine but after some time it comes again! And I don't know what is wrong. Is this even a main problem in construct 3? Have anyone else these problems?

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  • With game development, you have to tell your game everything you need it to do.

    If the player is falling out of the level, then you need to program your floors to be "solid".

    Or, you could put an event for your player such as "is outside of layout?" then position your player back into the layout.

    The more events you add, the more your project will work correctly!

  • All my floors are solid. Why does it sometimes work and sometimes not? Ok that what you write will solve the main problem but it does not explain why this is actually happend. It not explained why the player sometimes ignore the solid objects and fall through them. It feels like that the player is changing the layer. It is strange that this problem only comes after you play the game for a while. It comes randomly.

  • If all of your events/actions are setup correctly, and still having issues with collisions, falling through platforms etc. Take a close look at the collision box, and the image point on all frames of your player, and other objects it interacts with.

    Sometimes collision boxes without completely flat edges can cause issues. Lately I've been using a perfectly square sprite(invisible), and pin my player sprite to that invisible sprite. Then manipulate each one as necessary in the Event Sheets. I've experienced issues in the past with edges on collision boxes(especially on my player sprites) that were at a very slight angle, say .14 off from one point to another, on either the x or y axis.

    I definitely recommend going through some tutorials here on the Construct website, YouTube, and other educational websites as well, to get familiar with the software. To make sure it is not something being setup incorrectly in your event sheets. Even after gaining quite a bit of knowledge, it can be tricky to find certain bugs within your projects. But, with more time and practice comes more skill and mastery, as with anything :)

    EDIT: But, most of the time, weird glitches like you mention, have to do with the collision box or image points within my Sprites. Or some confliction within my Event Sheet, that takes me some time to find.

  • Also, forcing objects into solids can cause problems. In my experience, glitching through solids, while annoying, is almost always a result of you telling an object that it should be in a position where a solid object is residing, and the solid object trying to tell the other object that it shouldn't be there. If it is not that, then it is edge cases where the object is moving so fast that by the time the collision event is registered, the object is already inside the solid. You have to design these edge cases out.

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