Anyone else having a bug (complete freeze) on startup with exported iOS games recently? Will soon...

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  • My games worked and exported well to Android and iOS until recently, for iOS builds only, my games are stuck even before starting so I can't debug "in-game" since the game "freeze" on loading.

    At 0% if I use "Percentage text" for "Loader style" project property. ...but at a full-loading-bar with "Progress bar" selected.

    I'm losing my mind over why all my games stop working with new exports to iOS so I'll appreciate it a lot if some of you guys can just say me if you are still able to run exported games on iOS device.

    ...exported games with Construct 3 running from the latest release. I have the problem since release 185 at least, still have it with actual release (187).

    I'm banging my head on walls...because I just got an answer for a bug with IAP on iOS with a solution but I can't try it since my new exports are now freezing. :(

    BIG thanks in advance, need your help guys, just to try to narrow the issue by first knowing if I'm the only one.

    I provided 2 real bugs reports so far (that were answered and fixed) but each time I lost days for narrowing the issue and creating minimal projects to get to I'm afraid I'll give up soon on Construct 3...wich could be a really nice tool if there was more easy ways to debug crashes, especially on-startup crashes...

    (It seems to be linked in some way to MobileAdvert plugin so if you could try an export that included it it would be even better)

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