Can anyone explain THIS to me???

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  • I've been working on a Twitch integration for a long time... and I've nearly cracked it. The last piece of the puzzle is creating a Twitch extension, and having it log in the user automatically.

    However, my method, requiring the user to enter a code to gain access is frowned upon by Twitch, and so they are likely to reject it.

    I'm trying to speak to one of the support staff at Twitch, but almost everything he's talking about goes right over my head.

    Can someone please take a look at this and translate what he's saying into Construct language?

    He keeps telling me that I need to create a Back-end system, and host it on my server... but even that is beyond my understanding. Then he posts code, which means almost nothing to me. Do I need to run it through a JS or PHP? Why do I need to host a decrypter on my own server? Why don't Twitch have their own, like they do everything else?

    This is just beyond me. Name a 2D game and I'll make it in a heartbeat, but when he says "The Extension EBS will then grab the JWT and then from there you can do what you want" I just stare dumbstruck at the screen.

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  • You probably need a node server for security. they do not allow by client.

  • I feel like I'm wording it incorrectly. People keep telling me why I need a backend, which isn't the question I'm asking, I'm afraid.

    I'm just not sure why Twitch don't offer this, or something that you can just download to your server and use.

    I'm not great at the web side of things.

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