Anyone actually made pacman or maze game on general with accurate movement?

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  • I have been researching on whether to purchase Construct. To determine this I wanted to cut my teeth on designing basic pacman clone. I have been experimenting with many behaviors and collision/grid options. I cannot seem to get accurate movement for my pac buddy. I have seen "Cloning the classics pacman". This is great tutorial however movement for pac is not accurate due to 32 pixel grid movement. Pac needs to turn on a dime, and not wait to complete 32 grid movement. Any ideas/ references?

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  • There is actually a pacman templated bundled with Construct 3.

    It is kind of a grid movement as well though.

    It is how the original pacman would move though on the first arcade cabinets.

    If what you are looking is to allow for Pacman to turn whenever you want it to, simply remove the "limitation" to allow the input to be read at any point instead of once the grid movement is done.

    You possibly should look into using the 8direction behavior instead of the bullet and look into examples of implementation for it.

  • How will you make PacMan move by itself after pressing a direction and if you hold Up for instance, he continues horizontally and when there is a space, he can move up?

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