How do I Get animation/Visuals to sync in multiplayer?

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  • Hi, so its probably just because I've been learning the multiplayer for C3 all day and it's fried my brains.

    But I can't seem to get my players to sync. When the Peer moves left/Right, they are mirrored correctly on both the Host and Peer's screens. However, the Host is not displayed correctly on the Peer's screen.

    I can't figure out how to send the information to the Peer that the Host Peer Object is mirroring.

    I know that this is very basic, but in solving this problem I hope to learn and understand how to sync things for when I have more complicated things to sync like animations and what not.

    BONUS QUESTION: My Peer scroll-to works for peers, but causes the Hosts to find and a space in-between any/all scroll-to behaviors. How would I make each player scroll too their own character?

    Not sure how to add my c3p file otherwise I would.

    Thanks for any help. Feel free to ask for clarification because as I said, my brain is fried and I might just be rambling :)

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  • SOLVED (At least for me) (At least the main question has been solved, no idea on the second)

    I had to place the Peer's Scroll-to under PeerID=Mulitplayer.MyID - Set Scrollto enabled.

    Place the host Scroll-to when they're created/connected and assigned host

    Place the Peer one as mentioned above

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