Animations not playing in certain events

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  • Hi everyone.

    I'm very new in that thing of making games and have no idea about coding and other stuff.

    I began making a simple 2d shooting platformer ( Turrican like..) in the free version of construct 2,and I am stuck with the animations of the player. Everything works fine.The player runs, jumps, fires while jumping etc .

    But at the event of pressing "s" to initiate the animation of firing, it shows only the first frame and stops playing , simply shows the first frame freezed while I press "s". And the same issue happens with the animation of "shoot+runing" that I want to add, it stops in the first frame and does not play any further.

    I opened it in Construct 3 to check if it works there , but it doesn't either.

    I have attached an image of the event tab. The problem is marked in light orange.

    It could be better,for sure , but I can't understand why it is not working.

    I have no problems to share te c3p. file , but..I don't know how to do it XD

    Any help , please?

    Excuse my poor English ;)

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  • This is a common issue that crops up, it's because several animation events are true at the same time. For example in your screenshot, pressing S to shoot, at the same time if you are standing still also the 'stand' event is true of speed = 0, so it is trying to play 'stand' and 'shoot'. You are approaching it correctly with the conditions for the player but you need to try (in as non-convoluted way as possible) to make sure more than one scenario cannot be true. For example you would add to stand event 'is not shooting' or 'S is not held down', but you need to make sure it is as easy to follow as possible :)

  • Thank you very much!!

    I simply added a "non pressing S " condition in both "run" and " run_shoot" animation events and it works.

    So simple :) But it helps me a lot to understand the logic of the system.

    Thanks for answering so quick ;)

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