How do I get animation states to work??????

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  • so i've been watching some tutorials, and in this one video, we are going over things like animation states, keyboard input etc. the guy gets his animations to play through states ,while all his code is in the character's keyboard event, but my character just plays the idle animation no matter what (unless i copy/paste the code in each layout that the character object is in.) not so sure how this works, but is there any way that i can control my character AND get the animations to play correctly, without perpetually dumping all their code into each event sheet?

  • Have you checked to confirm that your character sprite is global so that its controls will persist across each layout?

  • i haven't tried, nor did i know that. how exactly would i go about doing this? sorry i'm totally new to this.

  • On the first layout with your sprite, click on the sprite. Look in the top left hand corner where it says object type properties. There should be either a box to check global or a drop down menu to select yes.

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  • thank you for replying. so she IS global now, but her animations still won't play on input.

  • Do you have the other layouts set to read the same event sheet?

  • no ma'am.

  • Do you have multiple event sheets? If so, you need to include the one with the character commands in it by right clicking in the event sheet and including those events.

  • so, each event sheet/stage where a player is controlled must include all events for all 4 characters correct?

  • You don't have to rewrite/paste in the character controls in each event sheet. I don't really know how to help you more without seeing what you're doing though

  • sorry if you can't really see this enough to understand whats going on, but it shows that her animation states won't play, until i paste her keyboard inputs into layout1. lemme know if you need to see more.

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  • LesleyBeth I'm sorry ma'am. i didn't realize that there was an "include event sheet" option. thank you for your time and helpful information😊.

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