Animation IA enemy 8 directions (HELP)Animação do inimigo IA

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  • how do I identify when such an object is going in such direction?

    for example: this enemy when he moves to the left I want him to do the animation walking to the left.

    but to put the animation in operation I need to know in which direction it is going ...

    summarizing: I want to make an enemy AI with which you chase me when you see me and touch the animation according to the side that is going

    PT-BR: como faço para identificar quando tal objeto está indo para talm direção?

    por exemplo: esse inimigo quando ele andar para a esquerda quero que faça a animação andando para esquerda.

    mas para colocar a animação em funcionamento preciso saber em qual direção ele está indo...

    resumindo: quero fazer uma IA inimiga com que me persiga quando me ver e toque a animação de acordo ao lado que esteja indo

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  • For 8 direction the movingangle is the direction of movement so moving left would be enemy.8direction.movingangle = 180. When moving to the right then movingangle is 0. Up is -90 and down is 90.

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  • I'm using the moveto, so it's like a square that simply moves to reach the player. he does not change Angle

  • Compare the X so if enemy is moving and player X is greater then animation move right, player X is less than enemy then animation move left.

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