How do I make an animated text with BBCode offsety?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to create an animated text with the BBCode offsety.

    I can apply it to a whole text, so that the whole text has its y altered, but the problem arises when I need to animate it.

    1) I suppose if I want the whole text to be animated, I need to apply it to every letter separately?

    2) I guess I should add a random value in the equation, else the text will simply be offset by the value I mentionned, and no animation will occur?

    3) I guess the text has to be updated every tick, else the letters will just be offsetted once, but no animation will occur?

    Am I correct?

    If yes, I got the most trouble with point 2). As soon as I want to add a random value in the BBCode, the text stops displaying.

    For example, I suppose

    set text to "[offsety=random(10)]H[/offsety][offsety=random(10)]E[/offsety][offsety=random(10)]L[/offsety][offsety=random(10)]L[/offsety][offsety=random(10)]O[/offsety][offsety=random(10)].[/offsety]"

    would be the correct way to make the text animated with an offsety on each letter, but nothing shows up.

    I'm probably missing something obvious.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Have you seen this template? I believe it does exactly what you want.
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  • Didn't know about it and it's just what I needed! Thanks a lot!

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