How do I use animated SVG vector art?

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  • Is there some way to animate svgs in Construct 3 in the same way as a sprite sheet (multiple images played one after the other)? I love svgs because of their tiny file size and of course regular bitmap animations soon start to crank up in size.

    I use spriter which helps keep file size down but I'm thinking of cases for other types of animation like explosion/FX etc which rely on completely unique frames.



  • SVG has to be rasterized to be rendered which makes animation process intensive.

    So that's a no, unless some development comes along that perhaps can do that on the GPU.

    For now such animations will have to be pre-rendered as frames.

  • Okay Thanks! :)

    With Flash now behind us, does anyone know if there is another html engine capable of vector animation or if there may be a chance C3 would be able to do this one day?

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  • There's a few just google svg animation api. Some will not be using hardware acceleration.

    Also you could use the Drawing Canvas plug in C3 but there is no direct svg conversion which means you would have to make events for everything, drawing, and animation.

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