How do i make an animated cutscene before entering a game?

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  • im trying to make an animated game, i need to make a animation before i can get into the game, anyone can help?

    by the way im new to this so please say it at simply as possible. Thanks!

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  • In your layout one, insert your new object: Select Sprite and name it. Click on the layout again to bring up the Animation Editor Window. In Animation Frames window, Right Click to import From Files. Once sprite frames are imported, delete the blank frame (Frame 0). You can mess with more settings by clicking on Animation 1 on your own. Close out of Editor Window.

    Over in Project Tab, Right Click to add another Layout. This will be Layout 2. You can accept or decline adding a new Event sheet. In Properties tab (on left, make sure to assign Event sheet 1 to Layout 2)

    This new layout will be your first level where you create your level.

    Go to Event Sheet 1.

    Add Event: Select System: Select on Start of Layout 1. Add Action: Select the sprite you imported. Select Set Animation: Select probably only animation you have.

    Click to Add another Event (Event 2): Select that sprite again: Select (Animation) On Finished: Select the same animation. Click to Add Action: Select System: Select Go To Layout: Select Layout 2.

    Ok, click on Layout 1 tab and then click Preview. Once animation finishes it should go to layout 2. (Now you can add Wait x amount of seconds before transitioning as well.) Layout 2 will be blank unless you already set up the level objects and your player.

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