How do I make a animated character?

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  • Hi Everybody,

    I am trying to make a game with a animated avatar like this character,

    He’s the one holding a parrot, I want to make him perform different animations according to whats happening in the game, similar to the game in this youtube video, for example when the player character in this game shown collects all the letters, then the animated Avatar will bang his stick on the ground, and at the start of each level he will talk, I have compiled a few sprite sheets with with my own avatars actions (talking, banging stick,etc) but I dont Know how construct 3 or 2 for that point would be able to do this, I wanted to ask if this sort of thing was possible with Construct before I buy it I have just been using the demo online which is extremely limited so I don’t know how I would test whether this would work with its limitations, so I was wondering would it be possible to load a gif or sprites with sound at certain events, with the default animated sequence being just a neutral face like on the YouTube video, so if the playable character got killed for example the talking avatar guy I’m making(like the one in the video with the parrot) would react saying “oh no let’s do this again” is something like that possible in construct 3?

    Thanks for your help

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  • Yes it's all possible. You can play any animation and sounds based on a trigger in gameplay. You could even test out small scenarios on the free version before you buy it.

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