How to animate falling tree ?

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  • Hello, I am creating a survival game and I would like my trees to fall with a rotation effect in the direction that the player is looking at. I tried to compare the value x of the tree with that of my ax to detect the direction of the look but if I move my character (and therefore the ax) it performs the rotation in the other direction. Any tip to give me?


    Bonjour, je suis en train de crée un jeu de survie et j'aimerais que mes arbres tombes avec un effet de rotation dans la direction que le joueur regarde. J'ai essayer de comparer la valeur x de l'arbre avec celle de ma hache pour détecter le sens du regard mais si je bouge mon perso (et donc la hache) cela effectue la rotation dans l'autre sens. Une astuce à me donner ?

  • Try saving the position of the axe when the tree's life reaches 0. Save it in an instance variable in the tree object. Then use that position to check to which side the tree should fall. It won't change again, so the tree will continue to fall to the same side.

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  • It's work, thank's you !

  • Hello, Jah_z! I would like to try this game in action. When will the "Big release" be?

  • I'll keep you posted we are at the start of development and are only 2 on the project so far. But if you are not the only one interested I could make an page with development posts and release at the end of development.

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