Anchor Behavior: How do I set my Anchor settings to remain the same in different layouts?

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  • I have a few objects with the Anchor Behavior. Anchor Behaviors have a default setting of Left Edge: Viewport Left. I adjust their settings to Left Edge:Viewport Right. When I jump to another layout, the same objects revert back to their default setting Left Edge:Viewport Left.

    These objects are in different positions in each layout, so I don't think that making a layer set to global will help because of changing positions of the objects between each layout.

    Is there a way to have my Anchor settings "stick" from one layout to another? I have 30 layouts, so it is getting tedious to find each instance of an object and adjusting the anchor setting over and over again when I just did the process in the previous layout.

    Appreciate any thoughts in advance.

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  • When you add object instances to other layouts, their properties are copied from the first created instance.

    If you want to change the properties for all instances on all layouts, you can right-click the object on the right tab and choose "Select all in project"

  • dop2000

    Thank you for the reply. You saved me a lot of time!

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