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  • hello everyone:

    i've read alot of posts online by C2 developers that had problems with their completed games on devices (phones) and platforms (older windows versions) that did not use WebGL or the implementation was not the default setting for the user.

    how prevalent is this on mobile devices? the only FX i'm using is the fog of war type technique...straightforward and simple: a flashlight lighting up the dark background and reveling the immediate surroundings.

    if WebGl is truly a major issue, is there another "clever" way of achieving the flashlight technique without the use of WebGl blend mode?

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • According to this data, WebGL is supported on 96% of Chrome for Android devices (which also runs the webview on Android 5.0+).

  • Ashley,

    thanks a million for taking time from C2 and C3 dev and answering my question. i went to the site you mentioned and played around with the filters and for desktops (all OS), tablets, etc. the penetration rate was in the mid/high nineties. That's awesome, it appears the folks whose games were having WebGl issues maybe more in luck now and as time marches forward.

    the only follow up question i have (forgive me for distracting you from other competing priorities) is this: do these published numbers include US/Western European markets only, or Asia/E. Europe/Latin America? i only ask because C2 via HTML5 breaks international barriers allowing games to be published to a wider audience, but those other markets may be 1 or 2 cycles behind in tech...not sure. just asking.

    Thanks a million for all your help.

  • You'd have to ask the site author where the data is sourced from. AFAIK it's international but I don't know in what kind of proportion each country is represented.

  • awesome, thank you very much for all your help. whatever i find, i will post on this thread for everyone's benefit. thank you again

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