Alright Screw It - What is the Syntax for FilePaths,etc with NW.js plugin

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  • I've exported a project with nwjs as my option and

    I'm trying to simple run a file from appfolder using the expression

    NWjs.AppFolder & "Program\test.bat"

    and it doesn't work even if I put a folder with the bat file around the executable it's really annoying me .

    Soo what am I missing with the filepath syntax,etc or just in general what is the hardcoded syntax of filepath's

    when writing expressions within construct 3 especially when it comes to nwjs.appfolder nwjs.userfolder,etc

    It worked when I used shell open method in the nwjs object with the expression


    however I'm under the impression that is not the correct way to open files or am I mistaken and this can be used?

    Please someone help me and can someone please write in the manual the syntax for this file path stuff too?.


  • Oh WOH!, that's so cool it seems nwjs might actually be treating the expression as if it was a command prompt?

    Start is a batch command right, oh wait no the expression dialog for nwjs doesn't work at all as a command prompt .

    Where did the start come from then and where is a reference for all these commands?

    Thank you dop2000 can you help me here?

  • "start" is a CMD command in Windows:

    You can't run a *.bat file directly from NWJS, but it's possible with "start test.bat"

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  • OHHH HAHA!, First I didn't know you were using cmd in that nwjs expression dialog and I didn't even know it was possible.

    Then their is batch I was using also they are "DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT FROM ONE ANOTHER" , I'm such an idiot -_-,

    actually I'm not but lol.

    Does that mean cmd commands work in the nwjs expression dialog that's awesome if it does,

    probably could test it myself but meh I want to ask ha?

  • I'm guessing you can run any CMD command via "start", for example "start dir"

  • That formatting right their :P, if only I was a newbie.

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