Is it allowed to use fonts like Adobe Fonts in sprite font?

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  • Hello!

    Doubt has arisen when it comes to sprite font, I intend to use in fields like punctuation, or updating item values, through the sprite of the letters.

    Does anyone have experience with this type of use without a special license? Is he allowed? I have the default signature.

  • You really should make sure you have a clear license to it.

    I have yet to see any stories about font copyright lawsuits.

    That doesn't mean they wont.

    It just means that when they do, there will be a lot of it.

  • I contacted Adobe. when possible I'll update the case.

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  • fredriksthlmYes! I already consulted this license. But the fact that I don't run the font software within the program, just use the font sprite and to display score data, or prices set by the primary user (me), leaves me wondering about active use or embed in a mobile or desktop aplication.

    Embed is the question and if sprite font is considered embed or not, And Active use by a non licensed user or not.

  • If you own the font, I would say you can create an image with it and use that image within your game. But well, I'm not a US lawyer :D :D

    Can I use the fonts to create a logo or other images?Yes. You can use the fonts in any desktop program (such as Adobe Photoshop) to create images or vector artwork, which you can then use for any purpose. This includes generating a PDF, EPS file, or bitmapped file such as a JPEG or PNG.

  • Looking at the licensing document provided by fredriksthlm you appear to only be able to use it for "static content". So you can create an image with prerendered text, and add that to your game. But using it to render text either via a text object or sprite font is not allowed.

    Fonts have 2 generalized forms of license; desktop and web. Adobe's license sounds very "Desktop". Desktop allows you to use it on your computer, and with design software. Web allows you to put it on your server, so that people visiting your website can use it. The limitations depend who you buy it off, but typically web fonts cost more. For example looking at "" they charge a one off fee for Desktop usage, but charge per use if you want to put it on a server.

    I would recommend avoiding closed source fonts and just picking an open source one, it's very easy to find good open source fonts nowadays. Google Fonts has a large collection which can be downloaded easily

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