How do I allow the player to navigate a 'board game' like map?

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  • Hi, I'm new to Construct 3 and still feeling my way around. I'm trying to create a 'board game' like map which the player can navigate using the arrow keys/wasd (no dice rolling, it's more of an RPG).

    (The background image here (a fantasy town) has been hidden because I don't own it, I just found it online :) )

    As you can see, it's not really a grid since it's designed to navigate through streets and paths in a town/field. I want the player to be able to use arrows to move around the map fluidly, going from one space to the next contextually. I've been googling and manual reading, so I think I probably have to use an array somehow, but I have no idea how I would start with that.

    I have not attached the capx as there are no events or anything yet, but if it would be useful I can do so.

    Thank you all in advance.

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  • There are probably many ways to do it. If i was to do it my approach would be to have 5 variables on the space called ID,left,right,up,down and these are numbers. If the 4 directional variables are 0 it means you cannot move in that direction but if they are populated with a number greater than 0 it means you can move to the space that has that ID.

    On the movements events it would be left key pressed checks the left variable of the space you are on, right key pressed checks the right variable of the space you are on etc. So as an example if you are on that starting space which has a variable space.down=2 and the space below it in the picture has an ID of 2, it means on down pressed you can move to 2. If it was space.down=0 then you wouldn't be able to move. And if the starting space has an ID of 1, then the space below it which has an ID of 2 would have a variable space.up=1.

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