How do I allow multiple simultaneous users in HTML (or other export)?

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  • Good morning kind folks!

    I am so excited about everything I have learned so far (much thanks to you all!).

    As I am starting to publish I am struggling to understand something:

    Is it possible to allow multiple users to log into the same running instance of my app that is published to my website?

    Basically, I would like multiple computers to be able to enter information into my app at the same time. As it stands now, each time I visit the page it is loading a new instance for each (as it should do if I understand correctly).

    I know very little about hosting, so any simplified explanations would be greatly appreciated!

    I hope I am not too vague, I am happy to elaborate on anything further and open to other methods.

    Thank you!

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  • When a user goes to your website with an exported project on it, the project is downloaded and run locally on that user's computer. Each visitor to the website gets their own copy. These copies do not talk to each other or your website/host, unless specifically made to. Any data entered and stored is stored locally on each user's device.

    You can "send" information outside of your app by using the 'post to url' action via the AJAX object (or possibly the multiplayer plugin, websocket plugin, or other 3rd party database plugin).

    In general, having multiple copies of your app communicate with each other and keeping persistent data will require knowledge and use of some outside server to manage the data. If you don't require persistent data across sessions the built in multiplayer plugin might be sufficient.

  • Thank you so much for the information!

    There is so much to learn, but it sure is fun :)

    Thanks again, seems I will have to look into server type options.

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