How do I allow my avatar to transit from one scene to another?

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  • I'm currently creating map scenes for my game and I would like my avatar to be able to transit into another map when he walks to e.g. the door but I'm not sure how to go about it.

  • Are the scenes on different layouts? You can set the player to 'global' or create it again on the next layout. If you mean on the same layout then it's a 'set position' thing I guess. Other than that, you didn't give much info.

  • Yupp the scenes are on different layouts. Im looking for an option where the avatar can walk towards a door and when he touches the door, he'll automatically be transported to another scene (which is on a different layout) and he'll also be able to move around in the other scene.

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  • Make sure that the layouts are linked to the event sheet that contains the player movement stuff. You can then either set the player to global so when you change layout he continues through to the layout (the same object), or you can do it by having a player positioned at the entry points on each layout and go to the layout.

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