How do I make Alert system?

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  • Im using line of site and want to make like an alert system. Basically when NPC starts shooting it alerts Nearby npcs.

    How would I go about this?

    Whenever an NPC shoots

    all Enemies within line of site Cone of view

    set angle to player

    Whenever I do this it doesnt work. Any ideas?

  • What did you mean with the Enemies reference? Did you mean alerts nearby enemies?

    Anyway you just need something like on NPC shoot, the enemy has LOS of NPC, set enemy angle towards NPC. That should be enough picking!

  • Looking for something that alerts all enemies, so on enemy shoot,

    any enemy within the first enemy's LOS set angle to player. Like if they hear the gun shots but im not sure how to go about this

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  • On the enemy that shoots you can set an instance variable to true for singling it out. Then you say for each enemy that is set to false, if enemy that is set to true has LOS of an enemy, set another instance variable to true (to state they are in LOS), or you can just set angle straight away if it doesn't matter.

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