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  • Hi guys I have some code that gets a users location (latitude,longitude) and submits it to a databse I have some php code to get the info back into a table form but how do I get C3 to get the info from the url where it pulls the locations using ajax and then put them on a map with markers on where they are?

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  • Allright, do not know your knowledge of PHP/mySQL and ajax, but let's give it a try.

    So, in a nutshell, Ajax is a javascript code, that can do many cool stuff (especially with a server!). In your case, you are using that to connect to the database on server, and retrieve things using mySQL commands. MySQL is a language used to manipulate databases that are stored on a remote server.

    Your ajax script connects to a mySQL database and fills it up with user locations, correct? Then you can use the very same ajax/php code to connect to the database, and then edit the part with mySQL code, to retrieve info.

    I have not programmed in web languages in a while now, so I will not be much of a help here. Do search for online leaderboard in c2, there is a tutorial or two on scirra.com that has very good explanation on how to retrieve info from a database.

  • thanks i will have a look

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