How do I make AI that shoots controlling character?

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  • I have 1 character that i control and i cant understand how to make other 2 characters to shoot me,neither how to make them AI. If someone can help me please DM me or contact me on disc Mazespin#7313 i need this for my school project.

    Thanks to everyone reading this.


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  • There are many ways to do this in construct 3.

    Perhaps add a line of sight behavior to your enemy Sprite along with a Pathfinder behavior.

    Then do The events from there, on for example start of layout > enemy Sprite > pathfinder > find path to object > player Sprite

    Then add in event again enemy player > pathfinder > on path found > move along path

    Then using The line of sight behavior you can add like when player is in line of sight stop moving alot path and execute The shoot functions that you add yourself.

    Lemme know if you get my point

  • The simplest way is to give your enemy sprite the moveto behaviour. Set it to move towards your plaayer every tick and set its rotation to something greater than 0. This will make it both rotate towards and move towards wherever your player is.

    Create a bullet sprite and add the bullet behaviour.

    Use an every X seconds condition and then Spawn the bullet from your enemy sprite.

    Very basic but it is an enemy that will shoot at the player.

    Example here:!AkmrWgxeuxlKhItvHKVk3fevUtWHHg

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