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  • Hello All,

    I'm a bit confused since I have no actual experience with inserting Ads to my App / Game made with C3

    So, I'm starting a new project from scratch and I thought it will be the best to ask these questions so I won't ran into issues during the code.

    Please answer with explanation or guide / YouTube video anything that can help a beginner it will be very helpful and easier to follow:

    1. I'm using C3 Desktop (not browser) is there anything I need to install to use Ads?

    Any extra Plugin / Addon / Software to make everything works?

    2. Where do I register to get my ads work, which services works with C3 and is it free?

    3. What are my options for ads? "Watch Video" or "Banner" what other options do I have?

    4. When do I insert my code related to Ads, while coding? at the very end when the code is finished (more like edit attitude) ?

    5. Can I use the different Ads services also on a Desktop App/Game or ONLY for Android/Ios?

    6. I heard of a free tool website: "" do I need it? is it easier to use?

    7. Can I do In-App Purchases using C3? If S... how?

    8. Are there average or rough numbers you can share to give example of X ads exposed = X USD$ ?

    As you can see I'm clueless when it comes to Ads and C3 I've never done this before, I'm still watching some video tutorials on YouTube but most of them are not up to date or related to C2 and skip so many steps that not answering my questions.

    Please take the time to explain, share examples and share some tips from YOUR experience, I appreciate your help thank you so much and have a wonderful day! :)

  • Thanks for the quick reply the manual is very technical for somebody like myself, that is why I asked for sharing experience, giving some tips and if possible answer the questions with details.

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  • The manual provides a full breakdown/tutorial/walkthrough of the advert integration process including use of third-party admob. Many of the questions are answered when you run through that.

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