How do I get admob ads to work??

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  • I've been scouring the forums for answers. I'm working on an ios app and have it working finally in Xcode (outside of the many warnings). It finally compiles. However, no matter what I seem to do. It won't show banner ads.

    In the debugger I see errors pop out like crazy which may be a bug in Xcode so I can't debug to find out if the ad calls out or not. It simply isn't there.

    In the Game Events I have:

    Create banner advert "ID STRING" size standard position top show true.

    Can't seem to get anything running. What am I doing wrong?


  • Generally the problem is it has been misconfigured somewhere. Double-check everything is set up as described in the manual entry. Also note it advises waiting 24 hours for new accounts since AdMob can take a while before it starts serving ads.

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  • Thank you for the reply. The challenge is that there is no defined logic listed in the manual to what’s required. Meaning the manual shows some of the setup portions required, but no example of how it’s required to work.

    Do you need a single action (as I mentioned in my previous post)? If I use create at the start of the game event I would think it would simply show the ad. Or do you need actions plus conditions? My Admob account has been active for several years so that’s not an issue.


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