Adjust Dash ability after picking up Movement Increase Upgrades

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  • Right now I have When Dash is True, Player set 8 Direction Max Speed to 200, wait 0.4 sec then 8 Direction Max Speed to 100. I have a few Dash Upgrades that double the Dash Sprint, works great. But my problem is when the player obtains Movement Increase Upgrades, 125 and 150 for example. But after dashing, the Max Speed returns to 100. I have tried Instance Variables on the player and on the upgrades themselves and Global Variables to control the Max Speed after Dashing is complete, nothing seems to work.

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  • Instance variable "BaseSpeed" on the player should work just fine. With every upgrade increase BaseSpeed. On dash set 8-direction max speed to (BaseSpeed+100). After 0.4 seconds set it back to BaseSpeed.

    Also, I don't recommend using "Wait" here. Use Timer behavior instead.

  • Ok I added the Instance Variable of BaseSpeed to my player. For the Movement Upgrades I set up Set 8Direction Maximum Speed to Player.BaseSpeed + 50. Works until I dash, then my Speed is back to 100 after Dashing. I also added the .BaseSpeed to my Dashing States, Those work fine. Its still the addition of the Movement Upgrades that are giving me trouble.

  • No, the idea was with the Movement Upgrades add 50 to the BaseSpeed. Then when you set 8-direction max speed to BaseSpeed, you'll get the upgraded speed.

  • I got it working! Thanks a lot! :)

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