How do I adjust my Android manifest to tweak soft keyboard behaviour?

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  • When my text input appears on device it overlaps all my UI. However I read that it's possible to adjust my manifest to something like this to force the UI to Resize when the keyboard appears..



    android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustResize" />

    My question is: How can I adjust the manifest for a C3 build and will this even work?

    Additionally, while I'm on the subject of changing the keyboard behaviour. How on earth do I get a 'Clear All' button to appear in the numbers keypboard..there is only a button to delete one character at a time which seems a bit strange.


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  • Anyone? Is there any way to control this? Currently on exported release apk builds the keypad covers half of my UI.

    Oddly on a debug apk build the UI seems to scale correctly.


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