How do I adding forces to the particle objects?

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  • I have a particle effect(smoke) and have a shuriken weapon.

    The player throw this weapon in the smoke then the air movement caused by the weapon blows away smoke.

    I want overlapping check for particle effect objects and adding little power with physics these objects.

  • I might be wrong, but I don't think you can do that with a particle effect as individual particles can't be tuned like that. Might be possible to do that with a shader, though I have no idea how you would approach that in C3 or even if it's possible.

    Might be able to do it with individual instances of a smoke sprite (maybe with physics behaviour) and set their blend modes accordingly. Not sure how efficient it would be though.

    I'm sure one of the gurus on here will have a better method.

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  • you can create other particles when shuriken is at same X position as the particle generator or in near vicinity.

    the particle object as lukew said i don't think has individual capabilities, even though i kinda remember something about it being worked on, not sure if was implemented already (i don't use the particle object that often ... very rarely).

    but you can create your own custom particle generator using a every 0.05 seconds condition and create a sprite action using the event sheet.

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