How do I add waypoints to my Moveto command?

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  • I've finally got my top-down rpg character 'throwing' an object either up, down. left or right.

    The longer I hold down the space bar... the further the throw animation progressess.

    Depending on what animation frame the player_mask is on... determines the distance 'thrown'.

    It all kinda works, but I bet there's better ways to do it (but couldn't work any out!)

    My projectile is actually a sprite that is created by the player, then uses the Moveto command to move in the set direction and length.

    When throwing left to right (and vice-versa) i'd like the sprite to arc.. so thought I could add a waypoint? However I see no examples as to how to add waypoints to the Moveto behaviour.

    Can anyone help me understand how to add a waypoint?

    When I choose Moveto I see the dropdown option to 'add waypoint' but then don't know how to add it.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Simply add multiple "MoveTo position" actions and select 'add waypoint' in each. The sprite will continue moving from one waypoint to another without stopping.

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