How do I add video to my project?

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  • I'm using the free version right now. Playing videos in my project is the must have feature that I want to understand before purchasing. So I created a new project, imported an MP4 (H.264) and WEBM (VP9) videos. I put a video object in the layout and set the sources to the MP4 and WEBM files. I made sure "autoplay" is on and since I'm testing this in a desktop browser I figured this should work. But when I test the project nothing happens. Here's a screenshot of what I'm looking at.

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  • You have to use AJAX, and tell him to export the video.

  • Hi. Can you be more specific? I don't know how to use AJAX here and I don't see a mention of having to use it in the video documentation.

  • On a lark, I exported my project to html and uploaded it and it works as expected. It just does not work when you preview or debug. Is this a known issue? From what I see in Construct 2 tutorials (can't find any for 3) using the video plugin, previewing works fine.

  • All this time thinking that I should use ajax to watch the videos ....

  • you only need to use the h.264 source that would play anything on any device. it can be a mp4 3gp avi or webm it will run on ios and android. but that is what i know from C2 not sure if is applying to C3 now.

    if is not working try setting the source of the video when the intent of playing the video is happening by saying if player pressed play video button load source h.264 filename with extension then play. it will take a while for it to preload or buffer. but if is inside the project should start in 1 second max.

    it might be that using the free version might have some limitations on exporting the project with the video plugin.

  • I have the same problem, I think. The same code works ok in Construct2. In C3 dont work at all with my ogg file.

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