How do I add speed mechanic to my game?

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  • This is what i currently have for checking speed but it doesn't work. I go first even though my opponents speed is higher.As you can see it only checks who's speed is higher so there's no way i can go twice or more if my speed is double or more. I am also wondering what equation I should use to decide if i can go twice or more times if its two or more times my opponents speed.

  • This is possibly a picking issue.

    The System "Compare two values" condition does no picking.

    So if you have several instances no specific instance is picked.

    Even less since it is in a function for which all picking is reset anyway.

    So you need to pick your enemy again with "Pick by UID".

    And same if there are more than one "UserSoldier".

    Finally, instead of the Compare two values, use the compare instance variable condition of the Enemy object itself directly.

  • I still go first even though the enemys speed is higher.

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  • You have not added picking conditions to your "SpeedCheck" function.

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