How to add a native windows TOP MENU BAR ?

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  • Hi All,

    I'm using NWJS on my current project since it should work as a native application and not for browsers or online use.

    So far I've created my own TOP Menu Bar using button and text, but still.. I would like to add a traditional Top Menu Bar (appears on windowed mode and full screen mode) to the top of the window that it will look a typical software.


    I'm asking this because I'm not sure if C3 is limited because it's not using native runtime, or OS or anything else (I hope it's not limited) or if there is no such option / feature to do that in C3... (I hope there is!)

    A good example is: on Click Team Fusion, it's a matter of few clicks to change, tweak, add and remove selections and separators to the top menu bar, I can easily control what each function does via the event sheet.

    Example of what I'm trying to make (Took me couple of minutes to create this in Click Team Fusion)


    I don't know if there is such feature to add a top menu bar and edit it (like in Click Team Fusion) or there is a hidden plugin that can help me do that.

    Can somebody please explain how I do that on C3 please?

    if C3 can't do such thing at all, or if it's hidden somewhere I would like to know, Thanks ahead! :)


  • I only started using Construct recently so I'm not the best source of info for this, but the way I see it, there's not a native menu object or function, you'd need to manually create text boxes for the top menu options, then sprites for dropdowns that open when you hover said options, each with more text boxes on top of them. You can divide them in families and layers to make it more manageable and maybe a function to open and light up on hover. On Windows menus the formatting is simple enough but you'd need to do it manually too, there's no native styling of fonts that I know of.

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  • Thanks for the reply :)

    As I explained I did the other way around... it's not even close to the native result from look, to the more complicated manual way to code and tweak in future (in case of add/remove/re-design the top menu) the all idea of C3 is ease-of-use that's why I chose to learn and work with after all.

    So when do it manually it is always much more work when I will expand or tweak it, unlike in Click Team Fusion it's a built-in super easy to use and no need to code anything, just use the Event Sheet to control what each button does. I really hope that there is some hidden way to do it in C3 or some secret plugin I never heard of but.. oh well, I guess there is no such function for C3.

    I hope that there will be a way to do this in the future, maybe via plugin or some... magic, because this is a MUST for software projects development.

    The reason I won't bother suggest it as a feature/idea is because 99% of very useful suggestions have the same attitude, something like: "You don't need it because you can [insert a very long work-around way to do something that is almost the same] and you're done!" so I'm tired of even suggesting it but all I'm saying it is a very useful needed feature for people who are not just making games but also software and a top-menu-bar is... on almost any software we're using daily, the average user is familiar with it.

    For now I'll just stick with custom designed buttons / menu-bar I did... it looks GREAT! but not easy to re-design on every tiny change as it's not a built-in functionality and software usually need lots of tweaks and changes as it evolve so it won't be the best way to do.

    * Sorry about my bad English

  • Surely many actions in Construct can be tedious but it's by far the most intuitive and easy to figure out game making tool I've ever seen. Again I'm very new to game making though I'm no stranger to programming, but game programming gets very complicated right at the basics. I've seen Construct to mostly skip the basics chores thanks to behaviors that actually work as intended.

    So far I think when some feature is lacking it seems it's more in the spirit of keeping everything super easy to use, and yes, that makes some simple things harder to make. But so far I think every compromise I had to make was acceptable enough.

    I don't know about them not paying attention to suggestions. I see there's an update every week with some small announced functionality so I guess they do look at suggestions, and the more straightforward the better. What you described seems straightforward enough.

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