How do I ADD Multiple Enemies to my game?

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  • It should not be this hard to ADD 15 Separate enemies to my Game. The system adds all the enemies at the same time. Thanks

  • More details please.

    What are you trying to do and what is the result?

  • Thanks I'm trying to Place 15 different images into my game.

    Logic System > Every 3 Seconds > System Create Object.

    The Result Five enemies get stuck (pasted to together) and will not move. The other enemies appear and start to move.

    I would like to find the logic to allow each enemy to appear in the Game One At a Time.

    But with the Logic I'm writing System Every 3 seconds Create Object it is not possible.

    Need a way all 15 enemies from going into the Game the same time.

  • Try this one.

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  • Thanks for your input.

    Will that code make all 15 enemies appear.

    I can not get it to work.

    Now I see why EVERYONE makes all the Enemies identical.

    Trying to make Each enemy UNIQUE is a Pain.

    Something I will do in the future.

    The only way I could get the 15 Enemies to all appear, is to use precise X/Y positions.

  • Hi, please upload your project so i can check what is going wrong.

    With my example all 15 enemies are appear yes.

    Maybe you set bigger number than layout and enemies spawn outside of your screen.


    savvito123 Thanks for All your input.

    I found the Problem that made some of my enemies stick together and not move. I had the Bullet Behavior attached to all the enemies along with the random positions (to Appear in my Game). I did not have the "Bounce of Solids" tab checked. After I clicked the "Bounce of Solids" all the Enemies appear/move and do not stick together. Works fine now. Thanks.

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