How do I ADD Multiple Enemies to my game?

  • It should not be this hard to ADD 15 Separate enemies to my Game. The system adds all the enemies at the same time. Thanks

  • More details please.

    What are you trying to do and what is the result?

  • Thanks I'm trying to Place 15 different images into my game.

    Logic System > Every 3 Seconds > System Create Object.

    The Result Five enemies get stuck (pasted to together) and will not move. The other enemies appear and start to move.

    I would like to find the logic to allow each enemy to appear in the Game One At a Time.

    But with the Logic I'm writing System Every 3 seconds Create Object it is not possible.

    Need a way all 15 enemies from going into the Game the same time.

  • Try this one.

  • Thanks for your input.

    Will that code make all 15 enemies appear.

    I can not get it to work.

    Now I see why EVERYONE makes all the Enemies identical.

    Trying to make Each enemy UNIQUE is a Pain.

    Something I will do in the future.

    The only way I could get the 15 Enemies to all appear, is to use precise X/Y positions.

  • Hi, please upload your project so i can check what is going wrong.

    With my example all 15 enemies are appear yes.

    Maybe you set bigger number than layout and enemies spawn outside of your screen.

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    savvito123 Thanks for All your input.

    I found the Problem that made some of my enemies stick together and not move. I had the Bullet Behavior attached to all the enemies along with the random positions (to Appear in my Game). I did not have the "Bounce of Solids" tab checked. After I clicked the "Bounce of Solids" all the Enemies appear/move and do not stick together. Works fine now. Thanks.

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