How do I add more image points?

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  • I'm following the beginners guide to create a game but have got stuck as I can't seem to access a side panel that is listed.

    Above is the instructions on how to add a new image point but when I follow these instructions I don't have the same list within the side panel.

    At full screen without any side panel shows I have selected the correct icon but when swiping open the side panels there is no option to add image points or set the origin point.

  • Looks like you're resized the main window and covered it up. Move that and I think it'll be hidden underneath.

  • I’m working on an iPad Pro and it seems to automatically set the size of the editor and the main window. Which are both fixed an not adjustable or don’t appear to be. Any idea how I can adjust the size? I appreciate you responding Luke. Many thanks

  • I was going to suggest dragging the animation editor window to the side so that you can see what's behind it, but if that's fixed then I'm not sure sorry. I don't use ipads, hopefully someone else might be able to help.

  • No worries, thanks for the suggestions though. Not sure if the issue is because I’m using a tablet but hopefully someone may know how to resolve it. Thanks again Luke.

  • On mobile devices, you need to swipe repeatedly to cycle through all the side panels.

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  • Thank you! Just had a chance to try this and can now add a new image point 😁.

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