How do I add my IAP on Xcode or rather Apple Connect?

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  • Hello everybody

    I have programmed a game for Construct 3 with IAP purchases.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how to get the required IAP metadata for the Ios Store.

    I have taken the following steps:

    1. I have exported my project in Construct 3 as Xcode project.

    2. Mapped my team to my project in Xcode and uploaded it to Apple Connect.

    3. Added Apple Connect IAP purchases under Features.

    (Not Consumable and should be hosted by Apple, Content Hosting)

    Can someone tell me how to get the necessary IAP purchase files (metadata).

    Please help

    Best regards,

    Planlos Studios

  • Nepeo please can u help me?

    best regards,

    Planlos Studios

  • Does this help? "Implementing In App Purchases (IAP) in Construct 3"

  • Hi nettemple

    Thanks for the Tutorial.

    So that I understand correctly. If I make Non Consumable IAP purchases, they are automatically saved in the buyer's account, so without having to activate Content Hosting?

    All I have to do is program the registration correctly at the beginning of the game?

    Best regards,

    Planlos Studios

  • I am not certain. I do know there are some issues and I am in the same boat trying to resolve as well. If I find a solution - I will let you know (you do the same). I believe there are other threads here that are addressing this as well. I will look for them.

  • Hi nettemple

    Now i have all programmed as in the video. After a few uploads, it was finally accepted by apple and is now accept for release. It is true that the button „content hosting“ is not needed, Apple has confirmed me even after the error messages. All I had to do was insert a Restore Button and program it, so IAP purchases can be reloaded via a mobile phone change.

    I hope that helps you.

    Best regards,

    Planlos Studios

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  • And this was with Construct - version 3?

  • Yes it was with construct 3 version 157

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