How do i add a glow around my character in the game

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  • Hi guys,

    Alex here again :)

    I have a game character as a sprite with multiple animations within (animation for running, jumping...etc - each with 6-9 frames).

    While running through the game, i collect some object that give the character invincibility. This works fine.

    I want the character to get a glowing border around it while invincible, but i want to do this without having to change the frames in the animations (so without adding new animations) as i want a really nice glow. I know it will probably have to use opengl...or maybe not....not sure.

    Ive gone through the list of effects and cannot find anything that creates a border around the character and makes it glow.

    Can you guys help me with some tips on how to do that? maybe a combination if effects? or maybe an add-on?

    Thank you.


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  • Maybe some sort of shield around the character? Can anyone help with some examples?

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