How do I add correctly formatted strings to JSON values?

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  • I am trying to insert additional strings into a JSON file but when I try to insert:

    "{""activity_name"" : ""noname""}"

    the resulting JSON looks like..

    {\"activity_name\" : \"noname\"}

    I want the end result to be valid

    {"activity_name" : "noname"}

    Should I escape the " in some other way for JSON?

    Additionally when I try to insert a complete piece of parsed JSON into the JSON file all " marks are preceded by a \ in the final JSON.


    -> JSON_MAIN: Insert JSON_ACTIVITY_MODEL.GetAsBeautifiedString("") into "profile_1.all_activities" at JSON_MAIN.ArraySize("profile_1.all_activities")


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  • In the end it seems I can only use JSON Set to insert data without the formatting. AFAIK.

    This actually works out to be a neater way in the end anyway as I can use it to adds large chunks of data at once.

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