How do I add the BILLING permission on APK?

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  • I'm using the official plugin MobileIAP on Construct 3.

    But when I try to config the products on Google Play Console, they ask me to add the BILLING permission to the APK.

    I saw another posts with the same question, but they have no answer.

    The plugin doesn't work??

  • The plugin should already include the billing permission, could you give a little more context?

  • Maybe the APK need to be online on play store first?

    I will wait they accept my apk before config the products so :S I was thinking this is the problem.

    The error text just say "I need to upload an APK". I think before that I could config the products.

  • Ah well if you haven't uploaded an APK yet they won't be able to check if it has the billing permission, it's just not a very good warning.

    If you go to look at your app on the G Play console, then go to "Release Management > App release" you can create a internal test or closed alpha release. This will allow you to "publish" an APK to the play store without real users being able to see it on the store. It doesn't have to go through QA either.

  • I already uploaded it, it's only in Publishing Pending.

    Unfortunately I didn't publish it as Alpha, it's my first time on the Play Store.

    Some people told me it was supposed to appear, others told me to wait, since the events are set up correctly.

    As soon as it is published in the Play Store I return saying if the error message is gone!

  • Still the same =(

  • Here's the capx. I forgot anything?

    The public key are set...

  • Problem solved.

    I was testing on the internal test publication, exported without requesting permission from External Storage, and with Minify = none.

    I don't know which one solved, but somehow the plugin is having problems.

    I can now create products in the Play Console.

  • Neither minification or the "write_external_storage" permission should have either effect on this. But I'm glad it's working either way.

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  • If it has nothing to do with it, Construct has an open problem then.

    It didn't fix itself, I had to do several internal test uploads to finally clear the error message.

    I had no support for that.

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