How do I add audio and another scene?

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  • Hi everyone, total newbie here just got on TODAY.

    when the player clicks a sprite, i want a sound to play and a new scene to be loaded. is that possible?

    How do you add audio? I was able to import the audio file, but

    I don't know how to add it.

    I saw that you have to add a plugin or something but I am not sure how to add an audio plugin :( please help.

    thank you kindly!

    want to do this: On tap gesture, play X audio.

    I can only find play audio via url:

    p.s. i am using the free version of construct

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  • Double click your layout screen to add a new object and add Audio - It can only be added once, so skip this if you already have it added.

    Under your project tool bar (Usually right hand side of screen) scroll down to Sounds folder - Right Click - Import Sounds - Then load up whatever Sound you want to use from your computer

    Under the Event sheet create a Condition - I suggest something basic to test like on Mouse Right Click - Then later you can change the condition to what it is meant for

    Add action: Audio - Play - Select your sound

    Start the game and give it a test

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