How do I add a AI car to my game?

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  • I have made a Police Chase game and I would like to be able to make a car drive around my map that I have used TileMap to put together. I cannot figure out how to get it to move how I want it to around the map. I went to some other games that have AI drivers and tried to mimic some of the things they used but I still have not figured it out. So please if I could get some help to be able to complete this project.

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  • in Construct 2 there was this plugin r0j0hound made, was able to create and setup aI by levels etc and difficulty, not sure if is ported pretty sure might be... but i put together something in C3 by events only, hope it helps.

    the process is similar you give waypoints to a object and make it move by waypoints.


    ai car example (extras inside there for making a racing car being dependent on modular powerups like engine, turbo, aerodynamics, grip, weight, acceleration.) to understand what i did in there, it might require some time to go trough each and understand how they work, but il send you a simpler example, to make ai just spin no extra stuff.


    AI CAR easy example Bare Bone mechanics of AI CAR

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