How to add ads in my game?

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  • i just want to ad a simple banner AD to my Game Menu, I tried on mobileadvert plugin and admobplus plugin nothing seems to work, someone please help me with the steps involved because i am a begginer... I will post the screenshot of my game Menu pls help...

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  • You wont be able to see ads on pc, only mobile, so you really need to test to see if ads are working on a device. Make sure you fill in your ID's correctly, and you can ping an ad with 1 event. Obviously 12345/12345 is example only. You need to use your own ID's

  • As MrClifford said, you won't be able to preview your mobile ad in the Preview.

    You will need to export an APK (debug works for me) or an Xcode Project to test your game on an actual / emulated device.

    As the manual says : "It is important that when you're developing and testing your application you use test adverts. Viewing real adverts during your testing may result in your Admob account being suspended or closed!"

    So don't forget to setup your Application ID for Android and / or iOS, your Publisher ID, your Provacy policy URL and to check "Test mode" when you are testing your ads.

    You can access the properties by clicking the MobileAdbert in your Project panel and checking them in your Properties panel.

  • Hi, Temoana Thanks for replying..

    I have done all these steps earlier I exported as APK debug, enabled test ads, given Application ID, given my Publisher ID, Privacy policy URL and enabled "Test mode, even put the test ads code from admob but the problem is the application is not even opening on any android devices after adding steps for showing ads.before that its working fine.

    I want to know the steps involved in adding a banner ad on the front page pls give a screenshot if you've done any ads on your project before.


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