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  • Is there any way to set an adaptive apk icon using Construct 3?

  • We don't have a system in the editor I believe. If you understand how to use the cordova CLI you export as a cordova project, edit the project to include your adaptive icons then use the CLI to build an APK. It's likely possible that you can edit them into an Android Studio project as well without too much difficulty.

  • Sadly, I don't know anything about cordova. I tried use Android Studio, but I get stucked with some issue regarding grable, then I gave up. Hopefuly, Scirra will implement this functionality in future update. Thanks for replying.

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  • The gradle issue is frustrating, we're hoping that Cordova will release a patch that resolves the issue sometime soon.

    In the meantime you can correct it by selecting the "fix" button on the error message, then confirming the required refactor.

    Using Android Studio can be confusing, it's quite complex. But once you get used to it it's not so bad.

  • I tried some tutorials, but since Android Studio is a totaly new area for me, it was quite diffficult understand even the interface. I'll try get back to it later on. Thanks again!

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