How do I make an actual scrolling menu

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  • So, after lots of search, the best examples are could find are extremely limited. Every single scrolling menu tutorial online I could find for Construct limits the edges of the scrolling menu to the layout itself (or by placing a "frame" 1 layer above it). However, those ways can get pretty clunky when you have, for example, a scrolling bar inside an in-game pop-menu (Enter the Gungeon's pause menu->key biding, for example; or Terraria's bestiary). Already tried messing with blend modes, and so far, I couldn't get anything close to these 2 examples.

    Best solution I could find so far would be to put 2 "frames" upside and below the scrolling objects, and set them invisible once they completely enter those frames (so they keep scrolling above and below and cannot be seen outside of the scrolling menu area). Still pretty limited tho.

    Does anyone knows a better way? To make it work like it does in other games? (without the need of these artificial frames, or without having to "cut" the menu sprites a hole to include the scrolling elements inside them)

  • You can only cover the top and bottom parts of the menu with opaque sprites. Or hide these areas using a mask with blend mode. Or change the opacity for menu buttons as they cross the top or bottom limits, but this may not look good.

    I don't think there are any other solutions.

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  • Thanks for the reply!

    Would you know which is the best blend mode setup for masking such a menu? One that does not wastes too much free space (and is suitable for an in-game pop-up menu).

    Best solution I could find so far would be to "cut" the sprites, but sadly, this wouldn't work for an in-game menu, I suppose.

  • Here is a very simple version:

  • Huh, that's actually a pretty interesting way to do it. Thanks a lot!

    And even better, you can put stuff both beneath and underneath the mask, as long it isn't in the same layer below its z order, which is great! (and I didn't know bout that as well).

    With a little tweaks here and there, I can see it working in an in-game pop up menu, so that solves my question. Again, thank you very much

    Also liked the gradient opacity effect, very interesting looking

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